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Young Carers Campaign 2017

12th June marks the start of National Carers week. Walsall’s Children and Young People Partnership Board have chosen this week as the start of a 6 month campaign to raise the profile of our Young Carers across the Borough.

Young Carers are one of our most vulnerable groups of children and young people.  Often Young Carers are negatively impacted due to their caring duties in following areas:

  • Educational effects, e.g. attendance, concentration, completion of school/ homework
  • Friendships and social activities e.g. isolation, difficulty in establishing and maintaining friendships and pursuing recreational activities
  • Emotional concerns (often the emotional upset is related to their feelings  of responsibilities at a young age and fears about the future)
  • Health (physical and mental), e.g. inappropriate demands of heavy domestic duties, such as lifting; anxiety, stress as a result of experiences.


Walsall’s Children and Young People Partnership Group have a Young Carers Strategy which sets out following Priorities:

  • Ensuring early identification of children and young people who are young carers through the Children’s Workforce Development Strategy. We will develop awareness of the young carers agenda via the Workforce Development programme which supports professionals working with adults and children to;  identify young carers, understand their needs and  raise awareness of the resources and support available to recognise young carers/caring role.
  • Provide targeted support for children and young people at risk of taking on inappropriate caring roles.  We will work with key agencies to improve early identification of children and young people who are at risk of not reaching their full potential because of their caring role.
  • Support young carers to enable them to identify their own needs and reach their potential.  We will seek to provide information to empower the young carers to make informed decisions/choices.  We will work with Adult Social Care and other professionals working with children and young people to support the transition to adult services.


As part of our Young Carers campaign we have:

  • Consulted with (and continue to consult with) our Young Carers group in identifying key messages we need to promote throughout the campaign
  • Refreshed our protocols and process to ensure effective identification and support for young carers across all organisations. (Click here to see our Resources and Protocols)
  • Identified Champions across each of our partners including Children’s Services, Adult Social Care, School Health, Adult Mental Health, Police and voluntary sector
  • Developing a resource library of best practice in working with and supporting young carers including the resources developed by our young carers groups (Click here to access our Resource Library)