Welcome to Early Helps covid - 19 support advice and guidance page. 

This page will show how Walsall's Early help team adapted change and supported the families of Walsall during this period. If you would like any further support please call the Early Help Hub on 0300 555 2866 opt 1 

Keep up to date with the councils latest advice and information by accessing the Covid Pages here


Parenting Offer

Due to dramatic changes in the way we are currently working the Parenting Team have adapted there offer to Live Interactive weekly sessions for all parents referred into a programme, this means they have been able to complete the programmes from the comfort of their own homes and in a manner that works best for them. In addition to this the team have devised a series of 'Top Tip Sheets' (please click on the below links) which are accessible via website, whatsapp and email, which parents can chose to utilise in addition to live weekly sessions. 

List of programmes (embedded with the tip sheet):

How to support children’s emotional well-being

How to have fun with children

How to improve relationships within the family

How to create routines and boundaries

How to reduce parental conflict between parents and co parents

Barnardos Virtual Cygnet Online sessions 

Cygnet parenting is a specialist programme designed for parents/carers of children and young people with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Barnardo’s CygnetAutism programme is a 7-week course for parents of children aged 5 and over with Autism.

Cygnet Poster


Summer 2020

Due to Covid-19 we had to adapt the way in which we currently work to ensure planned activities follow government restrictions and social distancing guidance. This meant working with Partners to create a comprehensive virtual offer with the exception of some physical activities where possible to do so. Please Click here to see our 2020 offer and daily activities. 

As part of the offer we have this year devised a dedicated offer for walsall schools, this includes 'Things to do Delivered to you' 

The team have been working tiredlessly to co-ordinate, pack and deliver over 600 packs out to children and families! And we must say they are doing a fantastic Job! well done to all involved :) 



Look Say Sing Play

For may people attending our weekly play and stays was important in developing those special bonds with thier children and helped their childs devlopment. So we decided if you cant come to us! we will come to you...

Each week our School Ready Team have provided online resources with a live Q&A session for parents in walsall enabling them to continue these sessions from the comfort of thie own home. so far we have had a fantastic response to this with only 2 weeks in over 200 people accessing theses sessions. If you would like to take part of have missed any of these. Click Here to access our free resources. 


See, Hear, Respond

The See Hear Respond service is continuing to take referrals and can support discussions around higher volumes of individuals referred from a Local Authority area. This can also include some flexibility around the eligibility in response to emerging needs during the summer, lockdown easing and return to school. We have had some really positive outcomes, particularly around Autism/SEN support, reintegration to education and low level MHWB (anxiety/isolation/behaviour) and are also seeing emerging themes i.e. violence to parents/family violence etc. We have a number of partners engaged across the Midlands (both National and local voluntary sector providers) ready to support delivery.