Walsall FIS offers up-to-date information,
advice and help on services for families in Walsall.

Working in childcare

Working with children can be incredibly rewarding. If you are thinking about a career change and are interested in working in childcare, below are some links you may find useful:


The Teaching Agency

For details of careers and qualifications, visit the Department for Education website.


Local community associations

Your local Community Association runs lots of courses, including those based around childcare. To find your local Association visit the Walsall Council website.


Walsall College

Walsall College is located in the centre of Walsall and runs a variety of different courses, including childcare based ones. You can find out more by visiting the Walsall College website.


Walsall Adult Community College (WACC)

WACC offers many different types of adult education such as online adult education, IT training courses, access training courses and much more. You can call them on 01922 663000 or visit the WACC website.


If you need further help or advice please contact Walsall FIS and the Duty Officer will arrange for someone to call you back to discuss your options further.

If you are interested in looking after children in your own home and becoming a childminder, please visit the Becoming a childminder page.

If you already work in a setting in Walsall please visit our Provider's Homepage for information about the support available to settings or our Courses for details of training opportunities.