Walsall FIS offers up-to-date information,
advice and help on services for families in Walsall.

Provider's Homepage

If you are a childcare provider in Walsall then this part of the website is for you!

Hopefully you’ll already be familiar with Walsall FIS and Walsall Early Years Team and the support and training on offer, but if not, the website tells you more.

  • You can access practical day-to-day support from the Improvement Team, top quality training from the Training Team and free promotion of your setting via Walsall FIS.
  • The site also has lots of information about key legislation such as the Early Years Foundation Stage, Ofsted, etc.
  • We have also created a blog that shares best practice, advice and discusses key issues.

You can access all this at the click of mouse using the Quicklinks or menu at the top!

If you are parent, carer or family member, or a professional working with a family, please visit the Parent’s homepage.