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Parenting programmes

Being a parent is one of, if not the, most important and rewarding thing you can do with your life and parents really are the most influential factor in a child and young person’s life. However all children test the limits and get angry and it’s not always easy to be a parent. After all, children don’t come with an instruction manual! 

Parenting programmes are proven to be effective at helping all parents to increase positive relationships, promote children’s development and manage behaviour in constructive caring ways. 

Walsall's Parenting Team run a variety of programmes aimed at all different the parents and carers of children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to offer support and skills to help you be an even more positive influence in your child's life. Accessing a programme does not mean that you are a bad parent - quite the opposite! By accessing a programme you can help improve your whole family’s life. 

As each family is different there are a variety of programmes available. Please visit the individual pages to find out full details and dates.

Please watch the videos below that shows real parents from Walsall who have taken part in parenting programmes.


To find out more about the available programmes please visit the Walsall Children's Services website: