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Updating your information

All local authorities are required by legislation to secure sufficient childcare for working parents or parents who are studying or training for employment, for children aged 0-14 or up to 18 for disabled children.

The reason we ask you to update your details and vacancy information on the Provider Portal (which is a condition in the Provider Agreement) is to make sure we have a sufficient range of childcare available in Walsall. So please make sure you update your information as this is also used to generate lists to prospective parents/carers.

You will need to update your Sufficiency information once per term, and complete a Provider Update once per year, or whenever your details change.

You can do this online by logging onto our Provider Portal below.  Don't forget, log in with your User Name, not an email address:


June 2019 Update Sessions (Link)


If you are offering 30 hours (or part of the extended entitlement), please watch the short clip below to see how to enter the extra information required.  The clip is also helpful if you're struggling with the Portal in general.

If you can't remember your log on details please contact Charley by emailing charley.rogers@walsall.gov.uk. If you can't remember how the portal works, please download the How-to guide (PDF 741KB).

Alternatively you can:

If you want to check that the qualifications you hold are full and relevant (we would recommend that all childcare workers do!), please visit the Department of Education's website.