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Education Health and Care Plan resources

Education Health and Care Plan resources:



Education Health and Care Plan Guidance for making a request (PDF 325KB)

An Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is now the new Statutory Process to request further setting/school support for a child who has an educational need due to a severe and complex Special Educational Need or disability.


Family Conversation - Record for Statutory EHC Assessment January 2018 (Word 600KB)

This document should be completed with reference to the Keyworker guidance.


Medical Questionnaire - To inform an EHC (PDF 157KB)

As part of the Education, Health and Care Assessment process, the Local Authority is required to seek medical advice.  This is because we need to determine whether or not your child’s progress at school is affected by a medical condition.  The medical advice for this purpose is co-ordinated by the Community Paediatrician (School Doctor).  This can be done by using the information you provide on this questionnaire and liaison with relevant medical professionals. 


My Transition Pathway (147 KB)

My Views January 2018 (Word 467KB)

Indicators for Education, Health and Care needs Assessment (PDF 84KB)

Advice for EHCP January 2018 (Word 556KB)


Pre- Transition Checklist (PDF 196KB)

Pre-Transition Checklist for Practitioners in Children’s Centres and Private, Voluntary and Independent Settings.


Request for a statutory Education, Health and Care Assessment January 2018 (Word 336KB)

Before sending this request please ensure that all parts of the form are completed and any additional information listed below is included