Parenting One Minute Guide

Early Help Parenting work with multi agency, community and voluntary professionals to train and deliver evidence based Parenting

Programmes.We work with individuals and agencies to help develop their parenting offer to parents through their everyday work. We offer training and delivery support in: Solihull Approach Foundation, Understanding Your Child Groups,
Triple P Groups, FAST and Family Links parenting groups. We also work with agencies to provide specific Programmes to meet their parent’s needs, such as Parenting Programmes for parents of children with Autism –Cygnet and Understanding Me groups, and other specific support like Foster Caterer groups.
The Early Help Parenting Practitioner also delivers parenting support to families that are in need of specialist parenting support with their mental health, child protection, domestic abuse, substance misuse through delivering the specialist 14 week Mellow Programmes.

For more information on Walsall's Parenting Programmes, please see the Parenting Pages, Here


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