No Recourse to Public Funds

No recourse to public funds is a condition imposed by UKBA on:
  • A person subject to immigration control; and
  • Has no entitlement to welfare benefits, public housing or HO asylum support; and
  • Does not have the right to work*


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Specialist NHS Health Visitors


Our pathway includes offering a health review for every child referred via G4S and housed in a G4S property.  Many children have been unable to access health services in their countries of origin and subsequently their previous medical information is not available or incomplete. Our initial health review is often the first point of contact and an opportunity to ensure that support and health advice is provided including how to access services (GP, dentist, optician and education). As part of this assessment, we signpost families to voluntary support groups. Where necessary, we liaise closely with housing providers in regards to any information needed for the families and we often carry out joint home visits with them.


School Nursing is supported by the Lead Health Visitor for Asylum Seekers and Travelling families, this includes regular supervision. We also regularly liaise with:


  • Walsall Safeguarding Children’s team due to the vulnerability and initiate referrals to MASH, if appropriate.  
  • Walsall CAMHS, there is a direct referral into this service. A significant number of children present with trauma due to their experiences.
  • Education following consent from parents to ensure they get the correct support while in school. This can be to ensure the children are given a school uniform, free dinners and free trips due to not having access to public funds.
  • Other authorities to handover care of children whose families have been moved by G4S.
  • WRASSA to obtain toys, books, clothes for children in families with limited funds. 
  • Referrals to Community Paediatric service in Walsall is needed for this vulnerable group due to health needs that have never been addressed when in their country of origin.


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