Absent/Missing One minute Guide 


What do ‘Absent’, ‘Missing’ and ‘away from placement without authorisation’ mean?

A ‘Missing’ child is a child under the age of 18 whose:
*whereabouts cannot be established and
*where the circumstances are out of character, or
*the context suggests the child may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or another.
*And whose family or carers have reported them as missing to the police.

An ‘Absent’ child is:
*A child who is not at a place where they are expected or required to be and
*there are no concerns regarding their welfare.

for more information on absent missing see below contacts and resources

  • MASH: 0300 555 2866 or out of hours Emergency Duty Team 0300 555 2922
  • Police emergencies: 999
  • Admissions and Planning Team (CME) - 01922 652585

Further information is available at:
Walsall Safeguarding Children Board: http://wlscb.org.uk

Department for Education Statutory Guidance on Children Missing from Care 


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