Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Inclusion (SENDI)

What is SEND?


Some children and young people may require more help to learn and develop than children and young people of the same age. If this is the case they may be classed as having special educational needs (SEN) so they can get extra support. This could include anything from more accessible information to one to one support at school or college.

Some children and young people with SEN may also have a disability which does not affect their ability to learn but might stop them from being able to do certain day-to-day things.


For more information on SEND please see below contacts and resources:

SEND Code of Practice

Walsall's SEND Local Offer 

Managing your child's transition to adulthood

Visual Supports - National Autistic Society

Resources for autism - Saturday group (goscote)

Resources for autism - Thursday group 

Resources for autism - Saturday group (st lukes)

Local and Nationwide useful services: 

Children's Disability Register 

All local authorities are required by the Children Act 1989 to hold a register of disabled children and young people.

The register is a list of children and young people in Walsall who have SEN and disabilities and who receive, or may one day need to use the services from health, social services, education or the third sector (voluntary organisations).


What is it for?

The register enables us to efficently communicate with families about services avalable within walsall. Keep families up to date with events and any consultations.


Where do i send the form?

please sign and return your completed form to:

Early Help and Families Information Services

Zone 2D,

2nd Floor,

Civic Centre 

Darwall Street 



What do i do if my information changes? 

We will communicate out to all families and young people on the register once per year, but please keep us updated of any changes you know of.