Mellow Parenting

The Mellow Programmes are aimed towards vulnerable and hard to reach parents who often have trouble engaging with services.  Mellow programmes allow parents to take the lead in exploring their relationships and provide a structured environment where they can learn how to improve their relationship with their child. Mellow programmes run in single sex groups. If you are a parent interested in Mellow please talk to your Social Worker or Family Support Worker. 

The Mellow programmes do require professional referrals via Childrens Services MOSAIC system. The Mellow Programme is only for open children services cases – such as those open as a Child In Need, Child In Need of Protection and Early Help Assessment  cases.  If you are a professional working with a family that are open, but don’t have access to MOSAIC please phone the Early Help Hub on 0300 555 2866 option 1 to discuss referral to Mellow. Please remember parents must be willing to attend Mellow programmes voluntarily


  • Mellow Parenting information sheets for social workers 2017
  • Mellow Parenting Leaflet
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Mellow Bumps 

Every parent-to-be wants the best for their baby. Research evidence has shown that stress in pregnancy has an adverse long term effect on the well being of the child. Anxiety and depression in pregnancy are very strong indicators of post natal mental health problems which have a damaging effect on the child. Mother’s general and mental health during pregnancy is one of the prime indicators of well being for the baby. This six week Mellow Bumps group is designed to help mothers with extra health and social care needs chill out and relax.  The focus will be on what the baby can already do and what can be done to make him or her welcome


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