Behaviour And Crime Prevention

Street Doctors

Street Doctors is a national network of medical volunteers who utilise their skills and knowledge to reduce youth violence.

They plan to deliver courses in Walsall over the next 12 months to at risk young people aged between 12-25 (Predominantly our target bracket is 12-17) on life saving emergency aid, the dangers and speed of blood loss, the myths around safe places to stab someone, complications around knife injuries (sepsis, disabilities) with the intention to raise awareness, prevent the carriage of knives, give life-saving skills and open debate on the wider impacts for young people. They challenge attitudes to violence and treat young people as potential life-savers, capable of making positive choices.

The two hour inputs will cover all of the above and are free. They start the third week of November and then run each month.

All you have to do is send the details below of individuals who are willing to attend and are on the cusp of or involved in knife crime :-

1) The full name

2) Date of birth

3) Home/mobile telephone number

4) E-mail address

5) Home address


Please send referrals to Walsall Offender Management email