New Belongings

Our Transition and Leaving Care Service provides advice and support for young people aged 18 and over who were in the care of the local authority for over 13 weeks after their 14th birthday some of which was on or following their 16thbirthday. We support young people up to the age of 21 or up to 25 if the young person is engaged in education or training or if there is an identified need.

We are a team of 10 personal advisors and 2 senior personal advisors; one of whom has a focus on supporting our young people to access education, employment or training.

The personal advisors will be introduced to a young person when they are or are approaching 16 years old; they will begin to develop the relationship with the young person alongside their social worker. The team develops pathway plans with the young people as a means of supporting them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to reach their potential and become independent and resilient adults.

We have an active participation forum ‘Council 4 Kids’; where our children and young people support the service in developing ideas that can help them to  achieve their full potential. The group meets monthly to discuss issues that are relevant to them. We have members of our corporate parenting board as well as other guests attending so that they can hear our children and young people’s voice. We have a number of young people working with us to help develop this forum and its activity, they meet weekly at our ‘Respect’ and ‘New Belongings’ groups.

In May 2017 we were fortunate to move to a new base; this is our ‘TLC Hub’, this is a building that is just for our service, and for our young people.  We are open daily; there is a structured program of activity which focuses on practical skills and confidence and self esteem work amongst other things. We also have a young people’s job club which is supported by our Personal Advisors and specialist IAG staff. This is a weekly session to support young people develop the skills that will enable them to apply for jobs or access training. Drop in and job club are open to young people aged 16 up to 25.

We work very closely with Money, Home, Job to help young people access suitable and safe accommodation, and we have access to specialist benefits and debt advisors. We have access to a specialist health worker and we are currently strengthening links with other services such as mental health, substance misuse, job centers, colleges and housing providers to name but a few. We hope that we will develop our Hub to be a ‘one stop shop’ for our young people, where they can access services easily.

If you would like to contact us our telephone number is 01922 650555

Council For Kids Newsletter May 2017

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