AAINA Asian Women's Centre

The Women's Centre, Bath Road, Caldmore, Walsall

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 09.00 - 18.00, Saturday 11.00 - 16.00

tel: Women's Centre 01922 644006 / Exchange Office 648877 / Outreach Office 647000
email: uk
website: www.skillspace.com/LearningSystem/PortalHome/preDefault.asp?Resource=86EB79A5-050D-4985-82FE-1FA444BDECE4&ResourceId=3660

 AAINA Asian Women’s Group has been established to provide women in Walsall, the opportunities to access a variety of projects and activities, that will help to:

What Can They Offer You ?

Empower women to access activities and vocational and recreational services.
To encourage and support personal development in chosen areas
To provide access to lifelong learning and enable women to participate actively in the community

• A variety of vocational and recreational courses to meet your individual needs;
• Support and assistance to remove isolation and promote wellbeing;
• Information and guidance to assist women in making life enhancing choices and provide opportunities to make new friends in a friendly environment;
• Assistance with childcare & costs to remove barriers that prevent access to enable you to fulfill your potential.

Page updated 16/04/13