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Disability & Special Educational Needs

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Below is a list of services relating to Disability & Special Educational Needs that can be accessed in Walsall. If you would like to know more information about a service please click on its header

National Blind Children's Society

48-62 Woodville Rd, Harborne, Birmingham, Enables blind and partially sighted children and young people to achieve their educational and recreational goals
B17 9AT Website: Click Here
0800 781 1444 Email:

National Deaf Children's Society - ndcs

Information for deaf children and their families and advice on all aspects of childhood deafness
Website: Click Here
0808 800 8880 Email:

National Institute of Conductive Education

Cannon Hill House, Russell Road, Moseley, Birmingham Conductive Education (CE) teaches children and adults with physical disabilities how to overcome their movement difficulties
B13 8RD Website: Click Here
0121 449 1569 Email: