Walsall FIS offers up-to-date information,
advice and help on services for families in Walsall.

About Walsall FIS

The Childcare Act 2006: Duty 12 gives local authorities a legal duty to provide parents with "access to high quality, accurate and timely information" (Childcare Act 2006). In most authorities this information is provided by a families information service (FIS).

Walsall FIS was operating before this legal duty, but since its publication we have increased the remit of information we hold to meet this requirement.

If you are a childcare provider in Walsall then the Walsall FIS is part of Walsall Early Years Team. The Early Years Team support providers in Walsall to offer high class childcare to children. You can find out more by visiting the About the Early Years Team page.


Contacting Walsall FIS

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