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LADO important information

Farewell from Alan Hassall… 
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all
know that, after nearly six years in the role of
Walsall LADO, I am moving on to a new
challenge. My final day in the office will be
Friday 13 September.  
For those who read these newsletters and
who have contacted me over the last six
years, you will know the passion I have for
trying to create spaces that are safer for
children but also for staff to work in and to
minimise allegations. I would like to thank you
all for your hard work to achieve this over the
years; it has been a really enjoyable role for
me and one which I will find very difficult to
I am moving to the Catholic Archdiocese of
Birmingham to be their Head of
Safeguarding, which means I may have
contact with some of you with a new hat on. 
The numbers and email at the bottom of this
newsletter will remain the contact for my
All the best and goodbye.