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Inclusion Funding

Meeting the needs of disabled children and children with special educational needs

The government is clear that all children should be able to access their free entitlement and that no child should have their access restricted or denied because of special educational needs or a disability.

There are two new models for allocating additional funding to 3 & 4 year old children, in Walsall this funding will also include 2 year old children this is to enable them to have the opportunity to access an early years setting as part of the SEND graduated approach, where their educational needs are not able to be met without additionality.

  • Disability Access Fund (DAF) an annual sum of £615 paid to providers for children who are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and are taking up a place in a their setting. This fund is to aid access for disabled children. click here to download the form 
  • SEN Inclusion Fund to support providers for the inclusion of Walsall children who live in the borough and who have special educational needs and/or disability.Click here to download the application form and guidance

It is:

  • available for two, three and four year olds
  • available to support early intervention and prevention
  • to contribute to the extra costs of supporting children with additional needs to achieve good learning and development outcomes
  • to be reviewed and adjusted on a termly basis. It may not be required long-term because the child has made progress and can be supported through funding at SEN Support Stage


Please read the guidance before completing an Early Years Inclusion Fund application, which should be emailed using your secure email address to map@cs.walsall.gov.uk or by post marked for the attention of EDC admin.


Dates for submitting completed applications to the Multi Agency Panel:

Cut off


25th March 2019

5th April 2019

7th May 2019

17th May 2019

1st July 2019

12th July 2019

7th October 2019

18th October 2019

2nd December 2019

13th December 2019

16th March 2020

27th March 2020

5th May 2020

15th May 2020

29th June 2020

10th July 2020

High Needs Funding 

High Needs Funding can be accessed in exceptional circumstances for the small number of children and young people in early years settings (private, voluntary and independent nurseries; mainstream schools and academies) who do not have an EHCP. These will be children who have physical, medical or health needs that are over and above what settings/schools can be expected to support via the Local Offer but who do not have difficulties in the area of cognition and learning and are able to access the normal differentiated curriculum at age appropriate level.

Higher Needs Application Form 

Information for access without and EHCP

See below for more useful resources around SEND and Inclusion:

Request for Consultation for Private, Voluntary and Independent Settings (PDF 78KB)

Sen Advisory Support Team