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Early Years Initial Teacher Training in Walsall

Early Years Initial Teacher Status

Early Years Initial Teacher Training is teacher training focused on working with children across the birth to five age range. Early Years Teachers are specialists in early childhood.

This training is suitable for:

  • Graduate early years practitioners who may work in range of settings across the birth to five sector, including nurseries, schools, home based settings
  • Graduates who want to join the early years sector
  • Full time undergraduates on Early Childhood Studies degree programmes

Becoming an Early Years Teacher

Entry requirements include GCSE Grade C and above (or recognised equivalent) in Maths English and Science, and for routes 1,2,and 4 (see programme outline for description of routes) a degree on entry - the degree can be from any area of study. Applicants will also be required to pass the Professional Skills Tests for trainee teachers which test literacy and numeracy

Programme Outline

For September 2014, there will be two funded routes to Early Years Teacher Status, both of 12 months duration. Both routes require a degree on entry, as well as GCSE in English, Maths and Science at grade C or above.

Route 1 Graduate Entry (Mainstream) - 12 months full time

The programme includes 120 placement days across a range of early years settings. Also included in the 120 days is a two week KS1/2 school placement. This route is suitable for new graduates and career changers who will not be employed in the early years sector during the training.

Route 2 Graduate Entry (Employed) - 12 months, part time

This route is for graduates who are either:

  • already employed in an early years setting/early years department of a school
  • newly recruited to an early years setting to undertake Early Years Initial Teacher Training through an employment based route

There are also two other routes to Early Years Teacher Status for which there will be a charge:

Route 3 Undergraduate Entry

This route can be completed alongside a degree in an Early Childhood related subject. 120 placement days are required across the birth to five age range. Placement time also includes a 2 week KS1/2 placement.

Route 4 Assessment Only

This route is for graduates who are currently employed in an early years setting who are very experienced in an early years role and can demonstrate all of the Teachers' Standards (Early Years) across the birth to five age range. This route will explain how to present evidence to demonstrate the standards and include an assessment process. It does not include training


Before starting your studies you will need to have a GCSE English, Maths and Science. If you don't have them, then there are courses at local colleges and adult education centres, some of which are free. Please follow the links below for course information:

For more information about Early Years Initial Teacher Training, please visit: